Stop making cost saving business cases – They do not work, here is why

Kevin Kruse om cost business

At the Identity & Access Management conference, Kevin Kruse, IGA Lead at Banking Circle, will be giving a presentation. Learn more about his presentation here.

Do not build a business case driven on cost savings. Period. If cost savings are what you are after, use any cheap and high performant automation engine instead of an expensive and heavy weight GRC policy administration tool, and automate everything. If instead compliance, flexibility and zero trust is your actual driver, then that is your actual business case. And central of a proper zero trust architecture and enterprise, is indeed IGA.

Industry best practices

Best practices are a good principle guide. However do not forget that these best practices have been defined by the vendors and suppliers. The suppliers only have experience with initial implementation, and they are competing for customers. If supplier A estimates an implementation time of 6 months with a cost of 10 million Danish kroner, and supplier B estimates an implementation time of 7 months with a cost of 11 million Danish Kroner, and both has answered the self-assessment RFP sheet satisfactorily, you will go with supplier A. For competing and winning, the formular is simple:

“Time to implement and deliver according to customer business case” + “licenses” + “hypercare for 1-3 months” = “offer”. However 9 out of 10 times, the customer has no idea what IGA is, and the advisor they have choosen, will nearly never stray from the industry best pratice, so the busines case, baseline and initial implementation, lacks:

“Resources needed to operate” + “experts needed to adapt to changes to infrastructure” + “projects when other enterprise systems changes or are replaced” = “Total cost and pain of ownership”. On top of that, then implementations nearly never succeeds in scope of original timeline and budget.


Based on years of experience with operating, maintaining, owning and developing IAM and IGA systems inhouse, and from a vendor, service provider and implementation partner point of view, this will provide you with a disruptive challenge of best practices, aswell as a practical and proven approach to implementing and owning an IGA platform.

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