28 February 2020 Mie

Hallvard Bokn Eikeland: Treasury re-designed – how Equinor put new technologies into action

Hallvard Bokn Eikeland, Head of Cash Management Infrastructure at Equinor ASA, is one of the keynotes for the annual conference Cash & Treasury Management 11-12 March 2020. 
The conference gather 200 of the most important players from medium to large companies to expand their professional network and get updated on the latest trends, experiences and expert knowledge within the area. In this post, you can read a short interview with Hallvard Bokn Eikeland.

What will your keynote speech be about?

My keynote will be about Equinor’s Treasury and Payment improvement project where the high-level scope was:
– Re-design all treasury and payment processes (including OBO solutions and Virtual Accounts)
– Implement the latest SAP technology (S/4 Hana) and utilizing Fiori applications
– Implement extensive level of automation
The keynote will also focus on the way forward after the implementation of the project; how to reach the full potential of the scope.

What learnings do you hope the delegates will take with them?

There are many learnings from such a huge project, and I will go in details for several of them during the presentation. Some to mention already here could be:
– Quality in detailed design is key for success
– Automation should be based on optimized processes
– Close interaction across business and IT is required when changing ERP/TMS systems

If you were to speak again in 5 years, what would the topic be then?

Speak again in 5 years? That is very difficult to say, but I am sure it has to be connected to Cash and Treasury – most likely on automation related to Cash and Treasury, to make the onboarding processes more efficient (bank accounts, products, agreements, etc) or maybe ‘How the KYC headache was solved – and joint effort among corporates and banks?’
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