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Enjoy a delicious breakfast buffet and start the day with coffee and networking.

Opening of the conference and introducing the Chairman.

Nina Meyer, Senior Project Manager, Insight Events

The Chairman's opening words.

Franz Pihl, Head of Group Treasury, NKT

The trade war has entered a cease fre ahead of the US election but we don’t buy the substance of the deal. China will struggle to comply with the deal elements and the situation could easily escalate again on the other side of the election. The big question is whether Trump will get four more years. China certainly hopes that he doesn’t.

Green new deal is a hot topic in the Euro area and also among certain Democratic candidates in the US. Investors might want to front-run such green new deals – especially if they are financed via tax payer/central bank money. The European Central Bank will launch a strategic review and one of the key topics is how to support the green agenda via monetary policy. How can Corporate Treasuries position themselves in this question?

Andreas Steno Larsen, Senior Global Market (FX/FI) Strategist, Nordea Markets

How Treasury plays into Ørsted’s sustainability ambitions

Kasper Kiim Jensen, Senior Director Treasury & Funding, Ørsted

Jørn Fredsgaard, Afdelingschef, Lande, Bank og Sektor, EKF – Danmarks Eksportkredit

  • What do you truly want to measure?
  • How do you become data driven?
  • What is the impact of being data driven?

Troels Bohnsen, Head of Group Business Intelligence & Group Treasury, Finance & Support, SOS International

  • Re-design all treasury and payment processes (including OBO solutions and Virtual Accounts)
  • Implement the latest SAP technology (S/4 Hana) and utilizing Fiori applications
  • Implement extensive level of automation

Hallvard Bokn Eikeland, Head of Cash Management Infrastructure, Equinor

Franz Pihl, Head of Group Treasury, NKT

C2FO invites you to enjoy some delicious tapas and drinks, while networking with your colleagues in the business

C2FO is the market leader in changing the way businesses across the world improve their working capital through its simple, yet powerful technology. The differentiated value resides in the way we connect buyers and suppliers in their own unique marketplace, enabling essential price-discovery by allowing suppliers to offer discounts in exchange for early payment of approved invoices either through our online marketplace or our suite of innovative financial products. Buyers can increase gross margin and EBITDA, optimising their return on excess, short-term cash, while simultaneously improving the financial health of their supply chains. Suppliers can take control of their cash flow and strengthen their partnership with the buyer.

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Enjoy the breakfast buffet and start the day with coffee and networking

Ask yourself – who owns the Financial Risk in your company?
In my previous job in DSB I was involved in handling and negotiating contractual terms in larger contracts – in cooperation with Procurement, Legal and Business Units.
Hear about some of the financial risks that occurred and how we dealt with it.
It will be a non-scientific – and very interesting – input to an area, where most Treasury Dept. doesn’t always get involved.

Carsten Bankel, Senior Treasury Manager, Nilfisk

Hear from TIS and Analyste how their combined cloud portfolio helps mutual customers to experience the best solutions in cash management.
They will discuss practical challenges and the rationale that led joint customers to adopt a side-by-side solution from two separate suppliers, while benefiting from seamless solution integration and high user flexibility.

Alexander Gulau, Senior Sales Executive, TIS & Alexander Weinrich, International Sales Manager, Analyste

Jesper Broskov, Group Treasurer, LEGO

B2B digital commerce is ever evolving, but increased internationalization, complex customer relationships, IT legacy and insufficient digital abilities challenge even the best B2B companies.
Learn more about:

  • What B2B can pick up from B2C/retail and the good customer experience
  • How to ensure growth and efficient processes in a B2B business with digital commerce. And what is the potential of this?

Ask Ullerup, Director Group Strategy & Innovation, IMPACT

The Nordic payment market is unique on a global level, with a high digital adoption and frequent usage of mobile payments. Changing consumer behaviors are also putting new pressures on merchants to adapt their payment and customer experiences to meet the high expectations of the customers. Traditional payments are moving from an ofine environment to an online environment – where choice is provided to end users, and where companies can derive a lot of operational and data benefts.

Sophia Wikander, Head of Nordea Connect, Nordea

I want to give an insight into how we in NKT have changed our risk management setup, in order to adapt to a changing business. It has been quite a journey, that is still far from over.

Kasper Berner, Senior Treasurer, NKT

Gitte Aggerholm is the CFO and member of the executive board at Velliv. In this keynote, Gitte will share the path of her career journey and the choices made. Suggestions for others who are seeking a path with influence and the requirements she herself set for her employees.

Gitte Aggerholm, Direktør, CFO og medlem af direktionen, Velliv

Nina Meyer, Senior Project Manager, Insight Events