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Video C&T 2020: Franz Pihl, Henrik Immelborn & Thomas Christensen – The Treasury Perspective

At the 2020 Cash & Treasury Management conference, Franz Pihl, Head of Group Treasury at NKT, Henrik Immelborn, Head of Debt Solutions & Loans at Nordea & Thomas Christensen, Head of Risk Solutions at Nordea joined forces focusing on the Treasury Perspective: What happened the first 6 months of the year during Covid-19, and what should Treasury people focus on for the rest of the year. In this post, you can watch their 18 August 2020 presentation on video.

2020 has so far been an exhilarating and challenging year for most corporate treasurers. The Covid-19 situation affected financial markets and disturbed fundamental business activity in most sectors with spill-over effects on key treasury areas such as liquidity management, funding, capital structure and financial risk management.
What actually happened in these key areas and how did corporate treasurers deal with events? What are the lessons learnt? And what are the implications for key focus areas in corporate treasury for the remainder of the year?
Franz Pihl, Head of Group Treasury, NKT
Henrik Immelborn, Head of Debt Solutions & Loans, Nordea
Thomas Christensen, Head of Risk Solutions, Nordea

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