Toward to the Final Frontier – Principle to Secure Network Resilience of Your Cyber-Physical System against APT War

November 14, 2024 @ 9:50 - 10:25

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Technical Level: Beginner

With the cost-effectiveness of launch and space technology has improved, more than ever private and national sectors have highly introduced Low Earth orbit (LEO) networks.  However, unlike the private illusion of using the LEO network, many companies and government believe that they can safely use satellites without threats. We observed multiple wild APT attack incidents, attackers can use cheap devices to disrupt the networks, and even take over the entire supply chain. To respond the emerging attack trend in SATCOM, which consists of the ground, space, and supply chain segments, we studied cyber security principles from the US, the EU, and Japan regarding the space industry. We noticed that the principles tend to space system operator scope. This asymmetrical countermeasure causes the user scope to introduce threats within their industry. In light of this, we propose a security matrix to enable industries introducing LEO technology to effectively address unknown/future space attacks.


Yenting Lee

Yenting Lee

Senior Threat Researcher, TXOne Networks