Create visibility on your produk2ons-network!

November 12, 2024 @ 11:15 - 11:55

  • Main Track, Sessions

About Session

How do you set up secure logging? What are the right logs for security? What should we do when implementing a PKI structure in OT (how do we achieve visibility)? Do we need to resist all threats? What is the real threat? What are the biggest challenges? Why create visibility before the basic security measures are in place?

Kenneth Jørgensen reviews the experiences (good and bad) they have gained through the development and design of solutions in OT/production networks. The goal is to share knowledge and approaches so that even more people can get started with visibility on the OT network. Kenneth will discuss Honeypots, network monitoring, logging, processes and procedures.

This presentation will be in Danish.


Kenneth B. Jørgensen

Kenneth B. Jørgensen

Owner, KCERT