Real Lessons and Considerations When Deploying Security to OT Environments

November 13, 2024 @ 15:10 - 15:45

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Technical Level: Beginner

Recently, BDO was contracted to deploy an OT security solution in a global organization with breweries in numerous countries. Craig have had to play multiple roles in this project which include, design and architecture for each brewery, project management, and technical implementation. As part of the conference, Craig would like to provide the audience with some real-life lessons and considerations when starting a journey of deploying a security solution to an OT environment. These are lessons we have learnt on our journey, and even with over 16 years of experience in Information Security, it is important to note that deploying any security solution to an OT environment is extremely different to what one would expect, especially with a general Information Technology background in mind. The lessons will be split into the people, process, and technology framework to group the lessons and considerations required in each section.


Craig Carolessen

Craig Carolessen

Senior Manager, BDO UK