Practical management of cyber risks in sustainable energy systems

November 14, 2024 @ 9:05 - 9:40

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Technical Level: Beginner

Sustainable energy resources are connected, critical, and vulnerable. As such potential lucrative target for cyber threat-actors as high value – low protection target. Managing the risk of a cyber attacks to the sustainable energy resources requires an in-depth understanding of who attacks, how they attack, what they attack, and what happens as result. Simply put a cyber risk is potential event where an attacker exploits a weakness to achieve an impact.

In this session Jens Christian Vedersø from Vestas will discuss a practical and pragmatic approach to consistent assess cyber risks to a sustainable energy asset. This includes demonstrating practical approaches to handling the complex disciplines of:

  • • Applicable Threat intelligence – Assessing the motives and modus of a cyber-actor. As this defines how often an attacker will attempt to attack your asset and with what capabilities.
  • • Attack-surface assessment – Defining the persistence of your digital environment . As this defines how often the attacker will be successful in attacking your asset.
  • • Impact calculation – Setting the most consistent metrics for loss of productivity. As this will describe the outcome of a realized risk.

The practical and pragmatic cyber risk approach allows Vestas to communicate the risk associated with the technology and services provided to a global portfolio of customers. With various requirements to compliance, investment protection, and standardization.


Jens Christian Vedersø

Jens Christian Vedersø

Enterprise Cyber Security Strategist, Vestas