Managing Complexity by Engineering OT Security

November 13, 2024 @ 9:10 - 9:45

  • Main Track, Sessions

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Technical Level: Intermediate

OT despite being ‘legacy’ compared to IT has not been static by any means. Developments at the Edge have continued (OPAF, increased use of Encryption & Virtualization) in parallel to those in the Cloud (even SCADA) and AI (LLMs). However, since the OT imperative is production (and safety), the security conversation becomes a forced fit after thought. This can be mitigated by engineering security into the project whether by leveraging standards (e.g., IEC/ISA 62443) or applying OT & IT Security best practices from the get-go. The key to success is reducing implementation and operational complexity by properly engineering the ICS environment as a system, while also raising the awareness of traditional ICS professionals.


Vivek Ponnada

Vivek Ponnada

Technology Solutions Director, Nozomi Networks