An Approach to Disaster Recovery in OT

November 13, 2024 @ 11:45 - 12:20

  • Main Track, Sessions

About Session

Technical Level: Intermediate / Advanced

This talk will introduce a vendor-agnostic framework that aims to parallel well-defined practices in process safety engineering and apply them to disaster recovery, considering cyber events that trigger a process loss event. Instead of focusing on data and technical recovery alone, commonly the scope of DR plans, the ICS/OT disaster recovery framework will view restoration considering process and control & automation system dependencies and location. Next, the framework considers different loss scenarios for the individual asset under consideration and develops recovery strategies for the respective functional components of the environment. In turn this framework provides a stepwise functional method to resume operations of automation and process control systems and ensures recovery details are measured and operationalized.


Saltanat Mashirova

Saltanat Mashirova

Advanced Cyber Security Architect/Engineer, Honeywell