29 February 2024 Line

There is a need for the industry and companies to work closer together

Annemette Lauritsen, Senior Information Security Advisor, Novonesis is a part of this year’s advisory board for the international Industrial Security Conference 2024, which takes place on the 12 – 13 – 14 November. Warm up to the conference in November, with an interesting interview with Annemette.


Would you like to start by introducing yourself, what is your background and how do you work with industrial security?

My name is Annemette Lauritsen, Senior Information Security Advisor in Novonesis, former Novozymes, where I have worked for the past 4 years. I have a background as a Power Engineer but came into IT and IT Security at an early stage of my career. IT Security and OT/ICS Security has been my line of work for 20 yrs. Regarding OT/ICS Security I have worked with policies, requirements, awareness, incident response plans and been part of pushing the agenda of OT/ICS Security at all levels of the company.

You are a part of the Advisory board 2024 at the Industrial Security Conference CPH. Why and what do you get out of being on the board?

I have had the privilege to be part of the ISC-CPH Advisory board in 2023 and again this year. I believe that I can contribute with another angle to the board being less of a technical expert but having some of the softer issues in mind which I consider equally important. Being at ISC-CPH conference and on the Advisory Board have given me the opportunity to extend my network within the OT Security Community.

What do you think is relevant in the industry right now?

I believe that all parts of the OT Security agenda are relevant right now. Many companies have only just started the journey and it takes time before the actions do have an impact. You need buy-in from all layers of the organization.

The deadline for Call for Papers is May 1st for the conference. What will you be looking for in the selection of submissions?

I will look for the usability in the message – can the attendants at the conference implement any of this in their companies, can they benefit from the experiences of the speaker and the results presented. The program should be a mix of the latest new knowledge and easy to use information.

What are you focusing on in your workplace right now? What are you working on at the moment?

I’m lucky to be part of a global roll-out of several OT Security implementations – a big part of this is the awareness of why it is important even when it might change people’s daily jobs to a certain extend.

What is the value for you of attending the Industrial Security Conference CPH? And why do you think it’s important for others to attend?

The networking, listening to what others are doing, being inspired – both from the stage and during the breaks. It’s good to hear about other’s successes and the latest vulnerabilities and countermeasures.

What does the future look like in industrial security?

Industrial security is a growing area of importance, and the attention is increasing on all levels of the organizations. Production companies are working towards more security internally, and the need of working together with the industry to secure a higher level of security for the production is also vital.

Do you want to join the conference?

Take a look at the conference here and sign up today. Last year more than 300 attendees joined, so this year we have teamed up with a new venue to make room for even more attendees. This year the conference is held at Scandic Copenhagen. Read more about the conference and join today.