24 October 2023 Insight Events Denmark

Podcast: The ICS Advisory Project: Open-source data and interactive dashboards for small and medium-sized ICS asset owners

mnemonic Security Podcast #6

The ICS Advisory Project is an open-source project to provide DHS CISA ICS Advisories data visualized as a Dashboard and in Comma Separated Value (CSV) format to support vulnerability analysis for the OT/ICS community.

Dan Ricci is founder of the ICS Advisory Project and one of the speakers at the international Industrial Security Conference 13-14-15 November in Copenhagen.

At the conference, Dan Ricci will discuss the design and development of the ICS Advisory Project, including the technology stack used to build the database and dashboards. Dan will present case studies of ICS asset owners who have used the ICS Advisory Project to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities in their environments. His presentation also discusses the project’s impact on the ICS security community, including how it is filling a critical gap by providing a free resource for asset owners with little or no security budget. Finally, Dan will explore the broader implications of open-source data and interactive tools for improving ICS security, including how this approach can be applied to other areas of cybersecurity.

Robby from mnemonic invited Dan for a chat to learn more about her presentation. Watch the podcast below.

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