12 October 2023 Insight Events Denmark

Podcast: Practical security FAT/SAT

mnemonic Security Podcast #2

Performing security testing during FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing) and SAT (Site Acceptance Testing) is a way of knowing the security weaknesses and issues with new equipment or new solutions being introduced into your industrial network environment.

Dieter Sarrazyn is freelance OT Security Expert and owner of Secudea as well as founder & Industrial Security Advisor of Securiacs. He is one of the speakers at the international Industrial Security Conference 13-14-15 November in Copenhagen.

Everybody knows FAT and SAT, but in Dieter’s experience, people often think of FAT/SAT testing as just being functional testing: the thing has to do what I want it to do. But often, a lot of things are not tested or forgotten to be tested. “I also have the feeling that a lot of organizations think it being a checkbox approach: is this security feature present? Is this security present? Yes or no.”
That’s why Dieter will be talking about the practical side of security testing, so really on hands-on testing, on devices, on environments.

Robby from mnemonic invited Dieter for a chat to learn more about his presentation. Watch the podcast below.

Do you want to hear more about practical security FAT/SAT?

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