11 October 2022 Insight Events Denmark

Podcast: Doctor StrangeFormat: How I learned to be an archeologist for SBOMs

One of the biggest challenges facing supply chain security is how to secure legacy products while identifying hidden cyber risks buried deep in their subcomponents. Creating accurate Software Bills of Materials (SBOMs) is the critical first step, but how do we do that when the OT legacy software market is a story of abandoned, unbuildable, or lost source code?

Ron Brash is VP of Technical Research & Integrations at aDolus Technology and one of the keynotes at the international Industrial Security Conference 14-15-16 November in Copenhagen.

Robby from mnemonic invited Ron for a chat to learn more about his presentation. Watch the podcast below.

Do you want to hear more about SBOMs and how Ron Brash manages security in the organization?

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Insight Events Denmark

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