4 October 2021 Mie

Serious fun with… several industrial PLC’s and zerodays

Mikael Vingaard is OT Specialist at En Garde Security, and he is one of the speakers at the international Industrial Security Conference in Copenhagen 15-16-17 November. At the conference, Mikael Vingaard will provide you with insight in how the new ICS range training environment works – build with real industrial security devices. He will also describe the ideas behind the range, the scope and gamification and a sneak-peak on some of the labs.

In this article, you can read an interview with Mikael Vingaard.

How did you get into working with security and how did it develop throughout your career?

I started in information security for more than 2 decades ago and worked with pen testing, audits, business continuity and training

For the last 8 years, I have been working exclusively with industrial security (OT/ICS), finding a lot of vulnerabilities, and conducted security research on threat landscape via high interactive honeypots.

What are the biggest challenges within cybersecurity in your eyes? And why?

The lack of skilled personal that understand security from a practical perspective – a lot of the thing we take granted in everyday life; the service of transportation, water and energy runs on systems that need to be understanded and secured – in a way that does not impact the production and availability of the services.

How do we get ahead of ‘the bad guys’?

Collaboration and knowledge exchange within the various critical sectors. I work in various sectors, and everyone have something that all the other sectors can learn/benefit from.

When looking forward just 5-10 years, what do you think will be different?

When all systems become (even more) interconnected, items like ransomware and dedicated hacker attack would be even a larger threat to us.

Besides more funds for security, what do you think would make a difference in the industry?

The #1 item would be more and better training available (on demand) for everyone, from new hires to seasoned experts within the security fields.

What will your keynote be about?

My presentation would be on our latest project, the “ICS -Range” – a new, innovative industrial security ICS/OT training environment, where students can upskill and learn various disciplines within e.g: industrial architecture, production and Red & Blue team in a safe, purpose build environment.

My hope would be to inspire participants, to engage in further development of our combined skill set.

What are your own expectations for the conference?

I am looking much forward to meet old security friends at the conference and meet new peers. Patrick Miller, Joe Slowik and Søren Egede always have interesting insights in the presentations.

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