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Video C&T 2020: Maj Steenbuch Djurhuus – Return on well-being

At the 2020 Cash & Treasury Management conference, Maj Steenbuch Djurhuus, owner of consultancy firm Maj Djurhuus spoke about well-being and stress. In this post, you can watch Maj Steenbuch Djurhuus’ 18 August 2020 presentation on video.

Return on well-being
We are at a low point in terms of well-being viewed in a global perspective, and according to WHO stress has reached an alltime-high in 2020. This is expensive from a human as well as a financial perspective, and the consequences are that businesses and communities are generally hit very hard. In today’s speech you are getting an insight into well-being 2020 – the stress factors, the financial costs versus cut backs, the influence of Covid-19 and inspiration concerning well-being in the future.
Maj Steenbuch Djurhuus, Owner, Maj Djurhuus

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