6 February 2018 Insight Events Denmark

Rikke Stær: The role of cryptocurrencies in treasury management

Cryptocurrencies have raised excitement and regulatory attention after becoming increasingly accepted in the main stream. New cryptocurrencies are emerging rapidly which affects treasury functions all over the world.

Rikke Stær, Chief Commercial Officer at Coinify, is one of the keynotes at the conference Cash & Treasury Management 2018. She will address the impact of recently introduced regulation on cryptocurrencies.

What learnings or knowledge are you hoping the delegates will bring home from your keynote?
My keynote will give the participants an overview of which framework & tools Coinify have used to comply with the 5th Money Laundering Directive. This includes increasing awareness for the employees using e-learning modules, as well as using external screening & monitoring tools of clients.

In the next couple of years, what are the biggest economic challenges?
It is a significant challenge for corporations to adjust to the fact that cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly important and for them to implement it in treasury operations.

If you come back in five years, what would your keynote be about?
The next couple of years, Coinify will continue the integration and understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. In five years’ time, the expectation is that these are plain vanilla products.

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