4 January 2018 Insight Events Denmark

Steen Bocian: How to operate under the current low interest

Since the financial crises, interest rates have been low. Market professionals now expect a slow normalization and the question is how the global economy will react to this.

Steen Bocian, Chief Economist at Dansk Erhverv, is one of the keynotes at the conference Cash & Treasury Management 2018. He will address macro- and geopolitical economic tendencies in Europe and give a forecast of what to come.

What learnings or knowledge are you hoping the delegates will bring home from your keynote?
My keynote will focus on the current and future economic challenges and give an outlook for the economic development in the forthcoming years. I hope that the delegates will gain insight on what the coming challenges are.

In the next couple of years, what are the biggest economic challenges?
The most significant challenge ahead is how the global economy will absorb the expected slow normalization of the interest rates. Are we facing bubbles as a consequence of too low interest rates for too long, or will interest rates be increased too quickly?

If you come back in five years, what would your keynote be about?
At that point we will be looking back at all our successes with regards to fighting the global financial crisis. These successes, as well as what went wrong, will be the focus if I come back as a keynote in five years.

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