Changing regulation, compliance requirements and the technology improvements in the financial sector have increased the importance of the Treasury function. It is a key function affecting many business areas and operating divisions of a company.

Royston Da Costa

At the conference Cash & Treasury Management 2018 on the 5th and 6th of March you will have the unique opportunity of getting insight into how The Ferguson Group is working with Treasury. Assistant Group Treasurer Royston Da Costa will take you through the journey of automation and future proofing of the Treasury function in 2017. We asked him about his expectations for the conference.

What learnings or knowledge are you hoping the delegates will bring home from your keynote?
I am hoping that the delegates will be inspired on how to improve Relationship Banking today. This includes how to improve workflows and automation as well as increasing visibility and collaboration within the company.
I will focus on how to challenge business models as well as Banking Partners and Third Party Vendors for innovative ideas and identify how to disrupt the business model. It is important to network with other corporates to increase awareness of key Treasury areas, e.g. cybercrime, GDPR and promoting issues that might be common to most companies. It is important to be open to everything but not to compromise on quality, efficiency and security.

In the next couple of years, what are the biggest challenge for the Treasury function?
Treasury functions today are challenged on how to fulfill the usual day-to-day responsibilities as well as keeping up to date on Technology improvements. Furthermore, they need to stay updated regarding the various regulations that are looming, e.g. GDPR, MiFID II, IFRS16. Last but not least, the companies will be setting benchmarks for adding value in a new era for Treasury as the credibility has risen with CFOs and Boards since the crisis.

What is the next step for you? If you come back in five years, what would your keynote be about?
My next step is to automate the payments and increase visibility of the cash flows around the Ferguson Group. There is no doubt that my expectation is that in five years, I would be discussing the impact of technology on Treasury processes, particularly Blockchain and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

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